Finding the right health insurance coverage is neither clear nor a straight path

We know the options are confusing

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We make insurance understandable, personal and accessible

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Let us find the right match

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At No Cost To You

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Under 65

Using our services as independent brokers never costs you more. Some brokers charge a fee to help you with your health insurance.  We don’t.  Using us also doesn’t increase the cost of your premium.  We do save you time and frustration, assuring you that you have the right plan for your family.

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Over 65

Medicare has gaps – deciding how to fill them is a critical decision. There are loads of options out there on how to address the gaps in Medicare’s coverage – so many that you can get a little dizzy evaluating it all.

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Group Plans

Group Benefits – for companies of 1 on up.Micro group plans. Small group plans. Premium Reimbursement Plans.

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Our mission is to help you protect, sustain and grow the people and things you love.

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We are especially geared to working with individuals, families and small businesses in our community.  We will not come at you with a one-sized-fits-all product; rather we want to know what your needs and goals are before we suggest solutions.  Sometimes that means a simple phone call to refine your needs before we send you that list of health insurance quotes for your family.  Sometimes it is a much longer relationship defining how to best support your growing business. Our health insurance services are free of cost for our clients.

Issaquah Financial is client centered.  Our long term relationships with our clients say it all.

Contact Us

We are here to serve you.

We’d love to answer your email, talk with you on the phone or meet with you either via a Zoom video link or in person. We are happy to guide you and share with you our years of experience. In insurance it isn’t just about price. There are differences in companies, products, coverage and what needs you are trying to meet. That’s where we come in. Let us help you. Contact us!
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