Does Anthem Blue Cross’ Data Breach Affect Premera Members?

Data breaches of major corporations have become a reality of our internet age.  While every entity enacts safeguards around its clients’ and customers’ data we have seen what happens when those safeguards fail.  The Target  and Home Depot data breaches demonstrated just how far reaching this unsavory modern trend can be.

This week Anthem, a major national insurance carrier and the Blue Cross carrier in several states announced that its client records including names, social security numbers and other identifiers had been breached by what appears to be sophisticated hackers. As Anthem is a Blue Cross carrier the question has come up, would their breach impact our Washington state Blue Cross Carrier, Premera?  Premera answers what they know so far in their news announcement.

Premera: Anthem Data Breach and Impact to Premera Members

The short version to date is that as far as Premera can tell, Their records have not been breached, however if you received care in an Anthem state while traveling or living out of state via the Blue Cross network your information may possibly be at risk.  Stay tuned.


-Julia Cooke

Posted on February 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

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