WAHealthPlanFinder Tells Users to Pay Insurance Companies Directly.

Big changes happened last weekend on the WAHealthPlanFinder. For most people what they will notice is that you are being encouraged to stop paying the WAHealthPlanFinder for your premiums and instead begin paying your insurance carrier directly. By September 24th, you will not have choice about this as the WAHealthPlanFinder will no longer process premium payments.Print

For most people this is great news as the hic-cups and website flaws that have occurred with the WAHealthPlanFinder have often been around premium payments, and around premiums being transferred to the insurance carrier. This will get the state out of being the middle man for the money transactions.

What does it mean? If you have an auto pay set up on the WAHealthPlanFinder, go in and cancel it. Then go to the website/or call the billing number for your insurance company and set up your preferred method of payment/and or an auto pay either through your bank or directly with the insurance company. You’ll find the links to your company’s billing options here.


This is the notice you will see on your WAHealthPlanFinder account:

Starting Sept. 24, 2015, all individual and family customers must make their monthly premium payments directly to their Qualified Health Plan (QHP) and Qualified Dental Plan (QDP). Washington Healthplanfinder will no longer accept customers’ premium payments for health and dental insurance. Current customers are encouraged to get started right away paying monthly premium payments directly to their health and dental insurance company.

Any financial help – such as tax credits or cost-sharing reductions – that you’re receiving won’t be affected by this change. 

Premium payments will continue to be accepted by Washington Healthplanfinder until 4:59 p.m. on Sept. 23 for coverage for the month of October. As for future monthly payments, deadlines may vary by insurance company.

This change does not impact Washington Healthplanfinder Business customers. Impacted customers include individuals or families covered by QHPs and QDPs not offered through Washington Healthplanfinder Business.



Other changes that were made over the weekend include the ability for Washington Apple Health enrollees to select their managed care plan and carrier online at the time of enrollment, or to change it as needed.

  • Julia Cooke

Posted on May 11, 2015 in Individual Health Plan, Uncategorized, Washington Health Plan Finder

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