Health and Prescription Coverage for those Eligible for Medicare

Medicare Supplemental Coverage

Medicare has gaps – deciding how to fill them is a critical decision. There are loads of options out there on how to address the gaps in Medicare’s coverage – so many that you can get a little dizzy evaluating it all. Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug plans, Employer/Retiree plans all have a role. No one plan is right or best for everyone. Understanding your priorities is what we do. What plans your providers take, which plans cover your prescriptions, what fits in your budget not just this month, but long term – those are the answers we provide. We do that all in a confidential, consultative environment, either over the phone, via a Zoom Video link, or with an in person appointment.

Issaquah Financial is appointed with 11 Insurance Carriers offering over 100 Medicare supplemental coverage plans. We can find the right fit for you

To see some plans and premiums you can click on these links for these carriers without generating extra mail to you.

Asuris NW Medicare Supplement Plans


Issaquah Financial can offer plans through:

Aetna Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans
Amerigroup Classic and Special Needs plans
Asuris NW Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplements
Humana Medicare Advantage: PPO, HMO & Community Plans, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplements
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage
Mutual Of Omaha Prescription Drug Plans
Premera Blue Cross Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements
Regence Blue Shield Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements
SilverScript Prescription Drug Plans
UnitedHealthcare®Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplements, and Community Plans
WellCare Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage PPO & HMO

To see Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug 2022 plans and premiums side by side from Aetna, Amerigroup, Humana, Premera, Regence, SilverScript, Mutual of Omaha, UnitedHealthcare, and Wellcare you can click here

Myles & Curly are our Medicare Spokesdogs this year. Occasionally visiting our office, and often getting Julianna and Julia out for healthy walks regardless of the weather. They are both happy, healthy, senior dogs.

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